So if the Canh Dieu Vang (Golden Kite) Awards are VietNam’s answer to the Oscars, I guess we can say that the Mai Vang Awards are somewhat of our Golden Globes. Only…maybe not as fancy schmancy or flashy…schmashy (?).

In short, we’ve summarized the grand red-carpeted event down to 5 memorable categories for your  own convenience. Check it:

1. The ‘Marilyn’ do.


That’s short for best friend; Not boyfriend.

The lovely Bong Dung Muon Khoc actress was recently caught on camera while shedding tears of happiness at her best friend Kim Hien‘s wedding ceremony. Looking gorgeous in her simple pink Ao Dai, Tang Thanh Ha is always by her best friend’s side when the bride experienced anxieties during the pending nuptials.

Also spotted with Ha, though, is her “rumored love interest” from Singapore. While the falsehood/truth of these rumors  are still kept on the DL,  one can’t deny these two look great together.

Congrats to Kim Hien  for tying the knot! I wonder if Ha, herself, will be heading down the aisle soon?

From sexy, to classy, to cool, and even to kinky, Vietnam Idol 07 runnerup, Tra My, pulls it all off for 2010. Check out her recently released calendar: (more…)

…with her new steaming hot photo-shoot from a recent issue of Golf & Life Magazine. (more…)

According to the 9th annual fashion poll by the prestigious Style VN magazine taken January 15th, Ho Ngoc Ha is the Most Fashionable and Most Impressionable Dresser of 2009. (more…)

…to the point where he has invested nearly $3 billion VND (about 162 K USD) just to open a wedding-attire store with his cousin.


The pair of singers and long-time friends posed together in a recent fashion shoot advertising high-heel boots and oversized handbags. Check out the few shots:

My Le and Thu Minh put their designer bags to good use. (more…)

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