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Excuse the bluntness, but here’s some advice: either double the vocal training, or keep that day job. (more…)

wanbi tuan anh

After being twice abandoned by Toc Tien, it seems like the lonely singer has finally found another duet partner. One who surely won’t be studying abroad in a foreign country anytime soon. (more…)

I mean, the girl did say she “didn’t want to change her mind” like 482305 bajillion times. And whatever happened to the “tẩu hỏa nhập ma” concept she had teased us with more than a month ago?

Truth is, I’d much rather see a white wigged Yen Trang than whatever that nude-colored body suit up there was, anyday. Speaking of which, Vpop sure has been pushing a whole lotta styles recently. That’s right people…. Keep this up and you will eventually be pushing it right over a cliff and done-did murdered it. Maybe only then will this dernier cri  die down…Who knows? But really, what’s next? Choreography in Teletubies costumes anyone?

After much recognition from the cover “Mat Em/Losing you” followed by the instant hit “100% Love You,” and most recently with yet another hit–  “Neu/If,” the boy is on a clear roll to possessing all 4 Aces. (more…)

No fucking clue. Butttt, we will find out once Khong Tu Quynh‘s music video for “Ky Uc Buon/Sad Memories” is officially released. In the meantime, here’s the teaser followed by the song’s performance on the latest episode of the “The Gioi Vpop (16)” show. “Sad Memory” is a self-composed-version-2 of her hit single “Nho Lam/Miss You Much” :

So it turns out that Khong Tu Quynh will be doing the leaving afterall…I guess that only leaves us with Dong Nhi as our last hope in ridding Vpop of the cliche ‘heartless women’ portrayals:/

First it was Wanbi being rejected by Mi Van, then came Noo being being left by Mina, then Takej was caught crying over Mai Phuong, and now even Thang Binh gets dumped by Anh Dao aka Cherry. They make us women seem so heartless…



Is that even you Yen Trang??

But of course it is. Yen Trang, whose nickname is Ruby (Yen Nhi‘s is Gucci),  have just released the above teaser poster for her solo comeback stage performance on the first airing of the The Gioi Vpop show in July (concert held in June). Too bad her new concept is already about a year too late. I mean…I love Lady Gaga (and Yen Trang) and all, but in the wise words of mi madre (oh I will be making alot of references to her 🙂 ) “Dat Gaga guhl, she luk like she bị tẩu hỏa nhập ma rồi”. Hahaha, and if you don’t know what that means, go ask anyone who has ever seen a VietNamese dubbed martial arts drama before ;).

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