Described as having a “gentle and pure beauty”, Xuan Mai impressed judges with her performance in the talent show and answers in the interview round at the event held at the Military Zone 7 sport house in HCM City on October 4. (more…)

I mean, the other one next to Luu De Ly.

hoai anh le anh duy

With a fresh face that especially stands out in this year’s Miss Teen VietNam competition, Nguyen Hoai Anh (aka Mango) has already gained much publicity from 1. people who suddenly became fans after recognizing her from a few amateurish photoshoots for some teen mags back then and 2. her latest rumour with Le Hoang Duy, an ex “hotboy.” (more…)


Although I was pretty sure Yen wouldn’t have won the crown (not to sound like a pessimist or anything), I was at least hoping to see her enter the pageant’s Top 15. (more…)

As the manager of VietNam’s representative for Miss Universe– Hoang Yen, Thien Ly was spotted this morning (night time in VN) very natural faced,  at the Tân Sơn Nhất airport in HCMC getting ready to go cheer Yen on in the Bahamas:

The preliminaries had just taken place a few days ago but the full live telecast won’t be until Sunday, Aug. 23–9 pm EST, held in the Imperial Ballroom Atlantis.

vo hoang yen

The organising board of the Miss Universe 2009 pageant began shooting interview video clips with contestants on August 3. All of them had to answer three questions: Tell us interesting things about your country that others may not know; what has concerned you the most about participating in Miss Universe? if you had three wishes, what would they be? (more…)

vinh thuy

So while VietNam is happily announcing all its entrants for these so and so pageants, we are still sitting here trying to figure out what is up with all these random pageants and who the hell these people are. But here is a face we definitely recognized at first glance: (more…)

luu de ly

Uh………………………………………isn’t she supposed to be in Poland filming for “Tamagotchi” or something? Furthermore, isn’t this teenybopper pageant also kindof out of her league??? I mean, girl’s already a designer, singer, actress, and the ex-girlfriend of big boss Tang Nhat Tue (which has got to count for something). These other girls already don’t stand a chance.

In terms of physical appearance, this year’s batch of 500+ contestants is a little disappointing in comparison to last year’s smaller number, but here are  some high contenders from VietChannel’s list of personal favorites (in no specific order) anyway: (more…)

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