Ly Tong, 65, a self-proclaimed anti-communist “freedom fighter” best known for a 2008 hunger strike aimed at persuading San Jose officials to name a retail district “Little Saigon” resurfaced at a concert armed with pepper spray while being disguised as an old woman (someone get this man to a retirement home).


Here at VietChannel, we do not like to stir politics into entertainment…but because this has been a pretty hot topic lately, maybe you all would like to know, too.


Like it was ever really gone.  C’mon..Even my grandma knew how to get around it….

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But dude, really? We’re suppose to take you seriously?

Anyway, word on the net is, the girl in the clip is Trinh Hoi‘s new…est squeeze (like newer than this lil one). How much of that should we buy? Do share.


The Chinese who are holding 12 Vietnamese fishermen on Hoang Sa (Paracel Islands) on July 5 have called a Vietnamese fishing boat owner to reiterate their demand for payment for the captive fishermen and boats.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokesperson–Le Dung, Chinese patrol forces on June 21 arrested three fishing boats manned by 37 fishermen from Quang Ngai province while they were fishing normally in the waters of Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago. The seizure is “a clear violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty and sovereign rights in the East Sea,” said Dung. (more…)


(As) If you guys haven’t heard already, this freaky swine flu epidemic’s been going around lately. Vietnam has been taking considerable measures to raise its alert to level 4 Tuesday, warning that the threat of “community level outbreaks” could rise at anytime. On the other hand the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the H1N1 swine flu virus continues to spread around the world, with the number of confirmed cases reaching 615, in 17 countries *shivers*. WHO officials say they expect to raise their alert to the highest level, but experts say that the spread of the flu is slowing down in Mexico where the outbreak started.  Right now, the WHO‘s alert level for the virus remains at phase five of six, meaning a global outbreak is imminent. (more…)


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been named to the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF)‘s board of directors, Vietnam News Agency reported Monday.

The new board, announced Sunday, also includes Secretary of Treasury Timothy F. Geithner and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Dr. Stephen F. Maxner, who has served as director of the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University (TTU) since July 2007, was appointed chairman of its board of directors.

VEF was created as a special initiative by the US Congress to bring the US and Vietnam closer through educational exchanges related to science, engineering, mathematics, medicine, and technology.

In its sixth year of operations, the VEF Fellowship program has placed 267 fellows at 68 top US graduate schools, mostly for doctoral degrees, according to the VEF.

Source: TN