After a series of auditions and casting calls for his horror flick Rh108, director Bui Thac Chuyen has narrow the list for his leading lady. And the lucky favorite is? (more…)


If you thought the first version didn’t really live up to it’s title, then that’s because it was technically the “Good Gurr” version.


Personally, the trailer doesn’t yet fulfill the hype that’s been set, as I was expecting something much more effectively persuasive (like I must see the movie to know), but hey, trailers aren’t necessarily our forte yet so I’ll be down for whatever. One thing’s for sure though, digging those soundtracks!

and dies..


So far, so quirky. We’re lovin’ it.


FYI, it’s not a sci-fi movie about R2-D2’s cousin.


Despite much lawsuit hearsay regarding the movie’s lack of attaining proper licenses (required by the country’s Cinema Laws) for a public release, Khat Vong Thang Long has finally made it to theaters nationwide. (more…)

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