The Kristine Sa Show

……is seriously good. No, not just the overrated good, but like ondareall good. Check eet:



vu doo

As your source for up to date news,  we are proud to announce that, this year, Anaheim will be hosting its first ever  large-scale VietNamese Music Festival, otherwise known as–Battle of the Bands, on August 15th. As your source for music, we would like to introduce to you the first of the bunch: contestant Vu, aka VuDoo Soul. But as your source for gossip, we heard it through the grapevine that this “soul man” was  pretty impressive. 😉 And yes indeed, he is.  Check out the performances below: (more…)

Yes, they dated… and yes, they broke up.

“And I was in my sweats and I wasn’t even ready for it but when I was looking at him singing to me, he is the most passionate person when it comes to singing…….and when I looked at him, I wasn’t ready, I was not ready at all and when I had to sing my lines…I was bawling. My tears were flowing down, I felt really bad……y’know like I was kinda my fault (I’m guessing for the breakup..?)” reminisced Cat Tien of when dueting “Ngay Em Di/When You Left” with Andy. (Part 3)

Catch Kristine Sa getting up close and personal with Cat Tien on the latest episode of her show:

Part 1:

….says Luong Tung Quang.

Although the man must’ve been horrified, you’d have to admit that was one lucky duck. Lol. Watch for yourself.


If you guys have been following us lately, you would know that I am a big fan (out of my curiosity for Vietnamese history) of this project. And when I say project, I mean the actual lift itself as well as the documentary.

To my surprise, the most recent episode of The Kristine Sa Show managed to read my mind. Here Kristine interviews Director Tammy Nguyen and some of the cast in the documentary “Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam“. Enjoy:



So I’m usually not a fan of any Vietnamese-American singers that tend to dress close to nothing while “club-dancing” in cheap music videos, but I guess there’s an exception to everything. I’ve definitely overlooked this girl many times, seeing as to how she doesn’t really pop out amongst the other “sexy” concept singers today,  but the most recent episode of The Kristine Sa Show proved otherwise. Although I still might not listen to any of her songs or watch her badly produced music videos, I must say the girl displays a very charming and cute personality. Well.. no. The girl can definitely sing. It’s just.. Tinh Productions poorly manages their talents… minus that Vina Uyen Mi girl. ..she just doesn’t need to be managed. At all. (God forbid she actually passes by Vietchannel one day…….haha…………in that case, JK!) (more…)

So yeaa, there’s the heads up on that  one. But you’d have to watch the video(The Kristine Sa Show ep 11) to get it.

Enjoy 🙂

Part 1