It’s that time of the year again!



Bust into dance? (more…)

Cue high-pitched squeals, dancing pandas, and stockpiles of confetti. December might even now be marked as some kind of historically important month to remember on all Stellars’ calendars:

Too bad all that’s marked on mine are finals and deadlines…

Hattip: C-le

So far, all we’ve gotten from the band were pictures, cover videos, BTS footage, and more pictures. It’s about time we get something relevant. A “Music Video debut”  is therefore not a music video debut without the “music” portion emphasized, so here we finally have it, an actual audio teaser. The track, composed by DJ Addy Tran, is titled “Awakening” to mark “Twee-Sixty-Fie’s” public entry to Vpop.

According to the event organizers, 365 will also be participating in the upcoming Loreto Fest.

We recently received a post-production screenshot teaser of the band’s debut MV. Here’s a bit of what to expect from this highly anticipated badboy:

Before (on filming day):

and after (with added effects): (more…)

Say what nah?? :/


The Vietnamese Facebooking community  was recently bombarded with in-studio videos labeled “FB idol” of random people singing, and it seems that this virtual fun has expanded to yield real-life results.