So that’s why it was a “meaningful day“. Check it:

The MV, which seems more Valentine’s Day appropriate (chocolates? flowers? balloons?), is sponsored by Celano and released yesterday via music portal Zing.

It’s been a while since I’ve wholeheartedly laughed while watching 2!dol (pronounced Hi Idol) but alas, the show has finally succeeded. There were too many quirky moments in this episode to pass up–could this be the doing of a new writer? Whatever it is, keep it up: (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The behind the scenes seem fun and lively (Ngoc Thao‘s perkiness could be the thing to credit), but with a series of terrible MV’s from the ex-La Thang member released earlier this year (I won’t even specify because they were so cringe-worthy), I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes for this one. Although I can’t see how someone can screw up such a simple MV concept–I mean, Chi Thien and friends (which also includes Anh Quoc, Mina Lieu, & Bang Di) are all just having a ‘meaningful fun day’ right?–I just want to  see his videos do his songs some justice for once. Especially this one by composer Nguyen Dinh Vu.

In a recent photoshoot themed “A Time For Us” by famous photographer Milor Tran, Vpop’s familiar “Mua Ky Uc” couple reunites as…a pair of stiffened property. Check it:

…as announced on May 2nd during her fanclub meeting at Yumme Donut.


Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro‘s leading actress Thanh Hang was spotted on news stands today (April 28) as the  special cover girl of popular teen magazine–2! Sinh Vien/Student‘s 9th anniversary edition . Also featured in this issue (# 162) are a handful of other well-known Saigonese Teen icons like Bang Di, Kelbin, Chi Thien, Dan Cha, Mina Lieu, Kelly Tu Anh, NSTT09 Ngoc Thao, NSTT09 Vu Bao, Anh Quoc, etc..

Check out some of the scans below: