…the last thing you’d probably expect them to do is crank out a totally random lipsyncing performance of Chi Thien‘s chart topper “Mot Lan Thoi”. But in DON & Chan Than San‘s case, that’s exactly what they did.

I pride myself on my ability to laugh at nearly everything and anything….. but this just wasn’t funny. It was a pretty legit fail, actually.

Lately, 2!Idol is seemingly in desperate need of a new script-writer/program planner/whatever you call those people that comes up with these little halftime ideas.

Here’s a random little Google search-off inspired by 2!Sao.

Between the following stars, who do you think will generate a larger number of search results?

1. Hotgirl Elly Tran Ha vs. Hotboy Chan Than San (Tran Thanh Son)

Picnik collage (more…)

dan truong cafe

Honestly. There IS an entrepreneurial side to anyone inhabiting VietNam–usually evident in the form of some kind of cafe or clothing store. Doubt? Here’s to name an infinitesimal few (ok, that was a little redundant): (more…)

chan than san

Good. With all those gay rumours floating around on the internet, even I (who could care less) was beginning to speculate his true colors. And speaking of his gay rumours, it looks like they’ve been resurfacing the net yet again. (more…)

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