Has hell frozen over yet? (more…)

On a recent airing of 2!dol, Ung Hoang Phuc was the latest celebrity to fall victim to the show’s crazy trivias and challenges.  (more…)

Yesterday ( 27/1), the highly anticipated musical Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro/Radiant Kisess officially premiered in HCMC at  the Lotte Mart cinema to a celebrity-packed audience.  Just a week ago at the same venue, Cong Chua Teen va Nam Ngu Ho Tuong/Teen Princess and the Five Brave Generals ALSO held a star-studded premiere. Apparently large VIP gatherings for movie premieres are now one of the hottest topics. (more…)

And he can keep her.


Awww. (more…)

And what, the 5 bodyguards are actually spinoffs of the Power Rangers too? (more…)



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