Phenomenal vocalist and famous “Hay Tra Loi Em” singer, Le Quyen, was recently caught on cameras at this year’s Blue Wave (Music) Awards (12/4) rockin’ a mysterious baby bump.


Within a matter of days after the first-ever Zing Music Awards launch, Dong Nhi is currently topping the polls for Favorite Female Artist with 51,861 votes, while Noo Phuoc Thinh is stealing the lead for Favorite Male Artist.

“Darn right, we’re giddy.”


Just as the title, itself, is self-explanatory, here is a quick recap of the “hotboys” from the last decade according to Zing. Note that the only objections I have to the mentioned below is Xuan Bac’s unfunny-self being labeled a”star”.  Thanh Loc would’ve been a better example in this case.

First off:

Le Tuan Anh


Ly Tong, 65, a self-proclaimed anti-communist “freedom fighter” best known for a 2008 hunger strike aimed at persuading San Jose officials to name a retail district “Little Saigon” resurfaced at a concert armed with pepper spray while being disguised as an old woman (someone get this man to a retirement home).


During singer Dam Vinh Hung‘s Hanoi fanclub meeting on April 25th,  one sly fan managed to raise the classic question  “When will we be hearing happy news from you? (relationship-wise)”. Though quite surprised by the question, Mr. Dam responded with his own surprise: (more…)

April 23rd  marked the successful opening night for photo exhibition “Cau Chuyen Cua Toi – My Better Truth” at the White Palace Convention Center. Stills of various artists and singers captured in their everyday life were put on display and some were auctioned off as a fund raising effort for children born with cardiac illnesses. The mastermind behind this charity event is none other than Ngo Thanh Van, who tirelessly called on her colleagues in the entertainment industry to participate in the photo collection. (more…)

We have yet another White Palace event…just barely 2 days since the past. (more…)