The mysterious ‘7 male singers’ to be in the songs with Ho Ngoc Ha have finally been revealed today and it seems that we’re already well acquainted as most of them were simply hauled over from the “Mua Thu Vang” video. Darn little Vpop market, you. Give me more male singers to introduce! Anyway, the definitely-not-just-7-male-singers include Chi Thien, V.Musik, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Dai Nhan, Ngo Kien Huy, Nam Cuong, Cao Thai Son, Quang Vinh, Hoang Hai, & Dang Khoi.

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As teased, the MV will premiere on YanTV, October 18, and will be part of the “H2T Hits” Vol 2 DVD packaged with the 879 edition of Hoa Hoc Tro magazine. Stay tuned!

The untold tale of 2 star-bound lovers is finally revealed!

Except it wasn’t that dramatic. (more…)

In a plain little black dress accentuated by classy hair and makeup, the Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Snow White‘s Diary actress looked simply stunning that night.

091019starkimha-19 (more…)


Today, on October 3rd, many famous singers will appear in a special evening show at the Lan Anh stage, HCM City to sing at the Full Moon Festival to help raise money for the victims of Ketsana in the central region. (more…)

Did anyone else notice that since the debut of the music show “Hoa Nhip Ban Tre/Connecting Young People”, only female singers (Minh Hang, Thu Thuy, Thuy Tien, & Thu Minh) have been honored with the duties of meeting, greeting, & dueting with their respective foreign guests? Well, it looks like  on this month’s airing, we’ll finally be seeing something new (kindof)–Wanbi will be paired up with Filipino rock singer, Nicole Asensio.

wanbi Nicole Asensio


dang khoi dan truong

Following the whole Dan Truong vs. Dang Khoi drama since the end of last year, Dang Khoi,  in a recent interview, affirms that there are no arguments or rivalry between him and fellow star Dan Truong, blaming the press for the false rumors…..and blowing things way out of proportion. (more…)

dang khoi

After a long period of laying low due to some supposed conflict between him & Dan Truong over the ‘Taiwan-Vietnam Tourism Ambassador’ title near the end of last year, it has just been announced that Dang Khoi will be the only foreign guest to attend the “Korea Music Festival 2009” in SokCho. (more…)