Being the big entertainment company on Vpop campus, Music Faces Ent. proves to us that besides churning out individual artists and idols, collectively, they are one spankin’ happy family. Happy, talented, successful, famous family. And who better to promote ‘family lovin’ than the ideal family of Father Duc Tri and Co.?

Check out the new family collab called “Chung Mot Nha/One Family” aka “Soul Nation Theme Song”.



The new MV doesn’t say (well, it doesn’t say much of anything for that matter) but I mean, obviously OBVIOUSLY.

Vodpod videos no longer available. (more…)

The private wedding, which took place on Sunday Jan 24, wrapped up with a semi-grand reception at the Park Hyatt (HCMC) banquet room the next day. The unfamiliar bride named Ngoc Anh (1984), an overseas VietNamese currently living in Dalat and working for an event organizing company, is reported to have known Duc Tri for 3 years now.

Because the whole event was never publicly announced, fans were stoked to see Duc Tri don a royal blue Ao Dai complete with a Khan Dong (the crown-like headgear made from silk brocade) when pictures surfaced the internet.

Suboi, Ngoc Anh, Duc Tri


Not only was Megastar packed to the max with nearly 100 celebrities in attendance, fans also flooded the Paragon (large lounge area of the theatre) & entrance to catch a glimpse of their stars. And of course along with anything involving famous people and large scale events, a mob of reporters would surely follow suit. The event could, overall, be easily remembered as one of the largest (and star-studded) movie premiere in the history of V-showbiz.

Check out more pictures from the event below: (more…)

ho ngoc ha xin hay thu tha

Before vs. After

Boy, Duc Tri (director of Music Faces) must not plan on resting until Ho Ngoc Ha completely conquers ALL of Vpop, because even with the excessive news coming from her these days, I can assure you that we’ll be getting a whole lott more. Excited?


phuong vy

Aww, is that modesty for “I’m still looking?” 😉 (more…)

hoo ngoc ha
A busy summer indeed.

With the date and location of her heavily-anticipated first solo show still unreleased, fans are worried that the recession has not provided the ideal time for the rising star to launch a major show. But Ha says she sees it differently. (more…)