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Marked for a March 2011 release, Thanh Bui‘s first official Vietnamese album was further teased to Vietnamese audiences via this English performance of the title track on VN Idol, last Saturday:

As the wait for the Vietnamese version of his album’s first single continues, below are some photos from Bui’s mentoring sessions with VN Idol’s Top 7 finalists. He was summoned to help contestants with their pronunciation  for the International Hits round (which  all ended up being English, how convenient) and to also share his experiences from his Australian Idol days. (more…)

No need to go telling everyone about ‘us’, love. But then again, since you already dedicated a whole song to our top secret relationship (which ain’t so secret no more), sincerity accepted! Look how cute I am walking around in my pink Ao Dai, playing hard to get and whatnot, all for my baby’s first single from upcoming album, “U&I” (yes, that album is finally just around the corner).

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The MV trailer was released just hours ago via Early Risers Media. According to them, the song was written and produced by Thanh Bui and Duong Khac Linh while the Vietnamese lyrics were provided by Lê Xuân Trường.

As of yet, no news of a specific release date has been revealed.

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Don’t doubt it; Duong Khac Linh‘s involved. Again.

Watch and listen:

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After last last week‘s semi-faulty press release, the anticipated romantic comedy “De Mai Tinh” was officially launched  on Wednesday (April 21) at the White Palace. With the attendance of more than 1000 people including  Dustin Nguyễn, Kathy Uyên, Thái Hòa, Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Ngô Thanh Vân, Tăng Thanh Hà, Hứa Vỹ Văn, Hà Anh, Đinh Ngọc Diệp, Tuyết Ngọc, Thảo Trang, Quang Tuyến, Vân Anh, Trần Bảo Sơn… this premiere proved itself to be a very successful debut event for rookie company Early Risers.

Now for the pictures.

de mai tinh,movie premiere,white palacede mai tinh,movie premiere,white palace


It was not long ago that Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Bui joined forces to form the ultimate window-shattering couple (literally) for the first MV of the movie’s OST. Now, the production crew continues to unveil a second MV featuring a  much less-damaging concept  for the newer theme song “Angel In Me” which is beautifully performed by singer Thao Trang.

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