Phenomenal vocalist and famous “Hay Tra Loi Em” singer, Le Quyen, was recently caught on cameras at this year’s Blue Wave (Music) Awards (12/4) rockin’ a mysterious baby bump.


Here’s a random little Google search-off inspired by 2!Sao.

Between the following stars, who do you think will generate a larger number of search results?

1. Hotgirl Elly Tran Ha vs. Hotboy Chan Than San (Tran Thanh Son)

Picnik collage (more…)

And the #1 spot goes to Tang Thanh Ha and her poofy sleeves?


Always dressed to impress, that #1 spot couldn’t have gone to a better person. But god forbid, not in that. (more…)

Did anyone else notice that since the debut of the music show “Hoa Nhip Ban Tre/Connecting Young People”, only female singers (Minh Hang, Thu Thuy, Thuy Tien, & Thu Minh) have been honored with the duties of meeting, greeting, & dueting with their respective foreign guests? Well, it looks like  on this month’s airing, we’ll finally be seeing something new (kindof)–Wanbi will be paired up with Filipino rock singer, Nicole Asensio.

wanbi Nicole Asensio


ho ngoc ha

Yesterday(July 13th) was the monthly Gold Album music award show, and although Hien Thuc won the overall excellency award for her “Portrait 17” album, Ho Ngoc Ha‘s performance of “Xin Hay Thu Tha/Please Forgive (My Apologies)” , to me, was the real highlight of the show.

So you must be wondering what is there to forgive? (more…)

Betcha can’t say that 5 times fast.

ho ngoc ha, thuy tien, hien thuc

On June 22nd, in Lan Anh, HCM city, a music event was held featuring many of Vpop’s biggest stars. As if the stage wasn’t already flaming hot enough with performances by stars like Hồ Ngọc Hà, Hiền Thục, and Thủy Tiên, what they were wearing seems to be the real show burner. (more…)

Hien Thuc, who is often very private about her daughter Gia Bao, shows off the the love of her life for the first time in a photoshoot.  Gia Bao, whose name means “family treasure,” is currently 7, entering 2nd grade.  Hien Thuc expresses herself as a normal mother who tries to come home early after work to prepare for Gia Bao‘s school, cook, and pick her daughter up from school. Hien Thuc says her daughter is a sensitive girl who is proud of her beautiful mother.  Mother and daughter is happy with their life and Hien Thuc will find Gia Bao a father when she can find someone whom she can trust.

Gia Bao‘s real father is the drummer/songwriter/leader of Saigon Boys, Tuan Thang who married soon after his break up with Hien Thuc.  It seems like Gia Bao looks more like her father than her mother, but I applaud Hien Thuc for being a proud single mom.