Despite much lawsuit hearsay regarding the movie’s lack of attaining proper licenses (required by the country’s Cinema Laws) for a public release, Khat Vong Thang Long has finally made it to theaters nationwide. (more…)



It hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet but oh c’mon, look how obviously fake this looks:


Audiences cheered last night at the Ha Noi Opera House, as Ho Chi Minh City-based singer Duc Tuan accepted his prize for Singer of the Year at the fifth annual Music Contribution Awards. (more…)

Aside from campaign ambassador Chi Thien and fellow company member Bang Di, spotted amongst the crowd of thousands who switched off their lights to go kindle a flame at the City’s square instead, were singer Lam Truong and beauty queen Huong Giang. (more…)

Like many other stars before them, Quang Vinh and his QV Productions are also on the “assist” bandwagon as  the new year is just around the corner. Earlier this week, he and the FC prepared many gifts for orphans and poor children residing at the Tu Hanh pagoda. To make sure everything was well prepared, fan club members stayed up all night to wrap and stack gifts. This was their second time doing charity with Quang Vinh and everyone was very excited.


And girl continues to move into the next round of the “Face of the Year” selection on the famous website on beauty pageants, Global Beauties. Impressive. (more…)