Vietnamese showbiz couples try to steer clear of Hollywood stereotypes? (more…)


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Look how much he’s grown!


But uh, can anyone tell me where Jennifer Pham‘s kid learn how to make that old Asian grandpa face? I swear, it’s like genetic or something. Must’ve been hanging out with Daddy Dung too much there buddy. (more…)

Here’s a segment of a Mother’s Day Special from last year featuring 3 Con Meo, an old school group, singing their most famous hit “Me Yeu/Beloved Mother“. Enjoy!

Seems like, singer Quang Dũng, and former Miss beauty queen Jennifer Phạm are going to live happily ever after. That being said with baby Thái An Nam as confirmation. The couple had once been quoted saying that with an addition to the family, their love will only grow even more. I mean, baby An Nam was, after all, born on Valentine’s day, the day for lovers. That’s just too cute.