Late last year, Coca Cola had Phuong Vy, Thai Trinh & Tien Dat represent them in the Vietnamese Open Happiness campaign. To step up their game, Pepsi recently summoned 5, instead of their usual 3, artists to participate in their own campaign.


la thang

La Thang Band

Ever since Yahoo!360‘s official closing, many of its loyal bloggers have been searching for new shelter and as popular as Facebook is in VietNam (VietNam had the highest number for the most increased Facebook users this summer), plenty others have found themselves settling down in the world of “Zing Me“– a social networking site similar to Facebook but for Vietnamese users– instead. (more…)

Here’s a segment of a Mother’s Day Special from last year featuring 3 Con Meo, an old school group, singing their most famous hit “Me Yeu/Beloved Mother“. Enjoy!