Last spring, we get the song. This spring, we’ll finally get the video! It only took a year, but hey, “better late than never”. Check out the official trailer to “Chao Mua Moi/Greeting a New Season” by Dai Nhan, featuring Fashion Stars Kelbin & Sam.



As if these 2 weren’t already all over print media (and let’s not forget the internet) to begin with, let’s grow even more accustomed to seeing them everywhere on cover pages–starting with famous teen magazine 2! Sinh Vien’s 186 edition, to officially hit stands Tuesday (12/7) morning. (more…)

End of the Runway (Cuoi Duong Bang) is an enticing television drama that tells the story of little ugly ducklings and their transformation into becoming the most beautiful swans to ever grace the fashion industry. (more…)

What’s that practically swallowing Thang Hang whole, you ask? (more…)

Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro‘s leading actress Thanh Hang was spotted on news stands today (April 28) as the  special cover girl of popular teen magazine–2! Sinh Vien/Student‘s 9th anniversary edition . Also featured in this issue (# 162) are a handful of other well-known Saigonese Teen icons like Bang Di, Kelbin, Chi Thien, Dan Cha, Mina Lieu, Kelly Tu Anh, NSTT09 Ngoc Thao, NSTT09 Vu Bao, Anh Quoc, etc..

Check out some of the scans below:

Nothing says mm’ mm’ chicken better than having a singer, an internet celebrity, and a Noo Phuoc Thinh Jr. (along with some other faces we don’t really recognize) join forces in serenading us chicken lovers with some out of tune finger lickn’ goodness titled “Juicy Lover”. Check out the new commercial brought to you by Roasted Records. Lmao:

Ironically enough, Nam CuongMusic Box‘s little minion next to Ngo Kien Huy, had to play the part of the performance wrecker (0:22), when in actuality, his vocals are the best amongst the other 4..

As we all know, yesterday was the premier of the first Vietnamese international music show called “Hòa nhịp bạn trẻ/Harmony between young people” with this month’s theme as “Hè nhiệt đới/Tropical summer”.

As planned, the premier went extremely well despite Minh Hang’s terrible Chinese pronunciation of  her song “Mot Vong Trai Dat/Once Around the Earth”. (more…)