Dustin Nguyen‘s anticipated romantic comedy De Mai Tinh (Fool For Love) officially premiered yesterday at Saigon’s Galaxy Nguyen Du cinema. The event attracted many stars such as Johnny Tri Nguyen, Ngo Thanh Van, Takej Minh Huy, Kelly, Thien Minh, Song Yen, A.T, V.Music, Hua Vi Van etc..

Tomorrow at about 1 PM (October 31st), many will get the once in a lifetime chance to see a dozen of our Vpop men including Hoang Bach, Duy Manh, Le Minh, The Men, Hieu Hien, Ung Hoang Phuc, Akira Phan, Tim Cat Vu, and more, join efforts in a soccer team called “V-pop” to take on an actual professional team  (randomly selected by Vinagame) in HCMC. (more…)


Instead of all these “hot” boys and “hot” girls, we can say that the HOTTEST market in VietNam right now is the teen market.  For some reason, the boys and girls of the 9x (90’s) have dominated the print media of VietNam. No longer can teens in VietNam only read “Hoa Hoc Tro” or “Muc Tim,”  that’s now considered old school compared to 2! Magazine.

No worries, one more teen magazine is about to enter the market: Yeah1 Teen.


As we all know, yesterday was the premier of the first Vietnamese international music show called “Hòa nhịp bạn trẻ/Harmony between young people” with this month’s theme as “Hè nhiệt đới/Tropical summer”.

As planned, the premier went extremely well despite Minh Hang’s terrible Chinese pronunciation of  her song “Mot Vong Trai Dat/Once Around the Earth”. (more…)


TAAN released their third set of pictures promoting their Charity Fund by featuring the hottest teens in Vpop.  This time, the theme is “Saving the World,” showing off Kelly who recieved the Miss Ảnh/Miss Photogenic title in Miss Teen 2008.  Next to Kelly is Kinh Lâm, a popular teen model, soon to be singer.  Supposedly, in this set of pictures, Kelly is the reason for the world burning up…”the hot girl burning up the world.”  Kelly will play the only antagonist out of all the TAAN’s pictures. (more…)

At another Linh Vuong Offline Convention in Saigon, Hoang Thuy Linh is also present to entertain the attendees. Only this time, the girl who is voted most wanted teen, seemingly packed on a few rolls.

I bet she’s just taking a break from the gym, although three words: still very unflattering.

Other online celebrities like Miss Teen Huyền Trang, Ngọc Diễm, Kelly, Sam, and Kinh Lâm also attended.