Late last year, Coca Cola had Phuong Vy, Thai Trinh & Tien Dat represent them in the Vietnamese Open Happiness campaign. To step up their game, Pepsi recently summoned 5, instead of their usual 3, artists to participate in their own campaign.



Being the big entertainment company on Vpop campus, Music Faces Ent. proves to us that besides churning out individual artists and idols, collectively, they are one spankin’ happy family. Happy, talented, successful, famous family. And who better to promote ‘family lovin’ than the ideal family of Father Duc Tri and Co.?

Check out the new family collab called “Chung Mot Nha/One Family” aka “Soul Nation Theme Song”.


In the conservative country where sex education is taboo, rapper Kim and famous B-boy crew Big Toe are willing to take initiative by personally reaching out to the younger generation through a nationwide sex-ed tour organized by Come Together! which is to then become a film documentary.

Episode 1 with English subtitles:


Killa & Rapsoul

On July 31st, Vietnamese hip-hop lovers had the chance to enjoy a performance by world renowned beatboxer Killa Kela at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural House which drew several Vietnamese artists, including Vietnam’s famous beatboxer Minh Kien, Rapper Windy, Big Toe dancing group, DJ Tuan Kruise and DJ SlimV. (more…)

killa kela

Beat-boxer Killa Kela, who has performed with international stars like Justin Timberlake, Travis Barker and Snoop Dog, will be putting on a show in Vietnam on July 31. (more…)