La Thang, version twenty-ten, emerges with two new singles.



The group will cease to perish as far as founding father  Minh Tuan is concerned. (more…)

minh tuan kim nu

As we all know, A# officially called it quits earlier last month in September. After the release of “Dung/Don’t” and the duet “Van Bai Hat Ay/Always Been That Song” with Trinh Thang Binh, the former La Thang leader had decided to take a break before focusing on his new plans. (more…)

chi thien hoang tu lai

And I’m not talking about his hair roots either, which, by the way, could also use some touchups . (more…)

la thang

Things are looking more and more interesting in the recent La Thang‘s split between Minh Tuan and Chi Thien. (more…)

But before we start, I would just like to point out that Lieu Anh Tuan, ex-La Thang & dancing crew member, also has a clothing shop of his own.  Wow. I mean, being a singer in VietNam these days must not be sufficient enough to guarantee one a stable life. And especially with this current economic slump, better safe than sorry right? I mean, I heard that even Lam Truong is also opening his own photography studio. Random much?

Anyway, here is Lieu Anh Tuan on YanTV’s “24/7” show.


lieu anh tuan

If only she knew how successful he would be 2 years later… The poor girl must be wallowing in her regrets right now. (more…)