Being the big entertainment company on Vpop campus, Music Faces Ent. proves to us that besides churning out individual artists and idols, collectively, they are one spankin’ happy family. Happy, talented, successful, famous family. And who better to promote ‘family lovin’ than the ideal family of Father Duc Tri and Co.?

Check out the new family collab called “Chung Mot Nha/One Family” aka “Soul Nation Theme Song”.



The private wedding, which took place on Sunday Jan 24, wrapped up with a semi-grand reception at the Park Hyatt (HCMC) banquet room the next day. The unfamiliar bride named Ngoc Anh (1984), an overseas VietNamese currently living in Dalat and working for an event organizing company, is reported to have known Duc Tri for 3 years now.

Because the whole event was never publicly announced, fans were stoked to see Duc Tri don a royal blue Ao Dai complete with a Khan Dong (the crown-like headgear made from silk brocade) when pictures surfaced the internet.

Suboi, Ngoc Anh, Duc Tri



Today, on October 3rd, many famous singers will appear in a special evening show at the Lan Anh stage, HCM City to sing at the Full Moon Festival to help raise money for the victims of Ketsana in the central region. (more…)

noo phuoc thinh maya

Apparently the apparel is also now  co-ed.. (more…)

michael jackson

No matter the controversy, there is no doubt that the “King of Pop” title really does belong to the late Michael Jackson. Here are some of our own star’s responses to his sudden death on June 25th, 2:26 PM PST: (more…)

music faces tour
On July 3rd-19th, one of VietNam’s largest music company will go on a big tour to 5 cities listed below.  The complete MusicFaces family includes:

Hồ Ngọc Hà
Phương Vy
Pham Anh Khoa
Lê Hiếu
Hoàng Bách
Quốc Thiên Idol
Anh Khang
Lâm Chấn Huy
Liêu Anh Tuấn
Quân Rapsoul (previously debuted)
Suboi (trainee)

Time and place:
a) Hanoi: 20h on 03/07/2009, location: A3 house – Giang Vo Exhibition
b) Hai Phong: 20h on 05/07/2009, Location: Hai Phong sports stadium
c) Da Nang: 20h on 11/07/2009, Location: Trung Vuong Theater
d) Vung Tau: 20h on 17/07/2009, Location: Vung Tau sports stadium
e) Can Tho: 20h on 19/07/2009, Location: Can Tho sports stadium

“Những gương mặt âm nhạc 2009 – MusicFaces tour 09” diễn ra từ ngày 03/07 cho tới ngày 19/07. “Những gương mặt âm nhạc 2009” là một sự kiện âm nhạc lớn do công ty MusicF

As an annual music program of the VietNam Red Cross (HCM city), “Nối nhịp trái tim/Connecting the heart’s rhythms” was held to help raise funds for children with congenital heart disease, kidney disease, lukemia…to get operations and also provide free food to families with patients in the Children’s Hospital 1, hospital Pham Ngoc Thach, and Ung bướu (tumor) hospital.

After three successful shows, the 4th annual “Connecting the heart’s rhythms” will take place on June 19th at the Ben Thanh theater. The show will be aired live on HTV9 at 8:30 PM (VN time) featuring a handful of volunteering artists like Hồng Nhung, Hồ Ngọc Hà, Mỹ Lệ, Lê Hiếu, Phạm Anh Khoa, Đăng Khôi, Quang Vinh, Lâm Vũ, Trà My, Tùng Lâm…