It has been a lengthy period since the last time Mai Phuong Thuy returned to her home city, Hanoi, and upon returning, here’s what the former Miss had to share: (more…)

Miss Vietnam 2010 officially kicked off through a press conference on April 27th, announcing all of its regulations, restrictions, and time schedule.


We have no idea how people came up with this word nor what it’s supposed to be short for but we’re guessing it’s something along the lines of an Earth-friendly power ranger (out to save the world and whatnot).

Hence the green? (more…)

So if the Canh Dieu Vang (Golden Kite) Awards are VietNam’s answer to the Oscars, I guess we can say that the Mai Vang Awards are somewhat of our Golden Globes. Only…maybe not as fancy schmancy or flashy…schmashy (?).

In short, we’ve summarized the grand red-carpeted event down to 5 memorable categories for your  own convenience. Check it:

1. The ‘Marilyn’ do.


The question is: Who can? I mean really? Vegan vampires that glisten in the sunlight? Genius.

The US box office hit–New Moon officially made its debut screening in Saigon yesterday night at the MegaStar theatre.


Only this time, she didn’t have to go far.

The big movie premiere, held yesterday night at the Megastar theatre in HaNoi, also saw the attendance of actress Quynh Nga (Lap Trinh Cho Trai Tim/Programming the Heart), singer Lưu Hương Giang, and hotgirl Mi Van.

Check out the photos below:


….by interviewing the infamous Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So we do give the lady credit for her good & fluent English grammar, but the low quality-ness of this interview  simply does her no justice. The bad audio system practically made it seem like she was mumbling the whole time.