Bust into dance? (more…)


The comedian-actor is finally hitched as of yesterday, December 5th!

How precious is this?!


Cue high-pitched squeals, dancing pandas, and stockpiles of confetti. December might even now be marked as some kind of historically important month to remember on all Stellars’ calendars:

Too bad all that’s marked on mine are finals and deadlines…

Hattip: C-le

We recently received a post-production screenshot teaser of the band’s debut MV. Here’s a bit of what to expect from this highly anticipated badboy:

Before (on filming day):

and after (with added effects): (more…)

Say what nah?? :/


The Vietnamese Facebooking community  was recently bombarded with in-studio videos labeled “FB idol” of random people singing, and it seems that this virtual fun has expanded to yield real-life results.


…still did not make for a dull day. Though it sure was one longass night to remember.

And yes, that was how long everyone was up for, strenuously working on the 365 MV shoot. Beginning 7 P.M (Friday), the shoot spanned on until even after 2 P.M (Saturday).