Last spring, we get the song. This spring, we’ll finally get the video! It only took a year, but hey, “better late than never”. Check out the official trailer to “Chao Mua Moi/Greeting a New Season” by Dai Nhan, featuring Fashion Stars Kelbin & Sam.



Why these Vietnamese marketing syndicates always recreate the same romantic photo sequences for their ads is beyond me, but I can’t necessarily say I don’t enjoy scrolling through them. (more…)

What used to be called “Shop Sam & Kelly”, is now simply just “Sam’s Boutique” due to Kelly’s withdrawal from the partnership. The once famous pair of best friends have seemingly gone separate ways, though both are still very much there to support each other. Still…you know what they say about working with best friends. DON’T. (more…)

Several new photoshoots of the former Miss Hoa Anh Dao/Cherry Blossom turned singer, Pham Thanh Tam (aka Tam Tit), have surfaced online portals, and in one of which, girl was caught donning a strikingly familiar dress.  Does this ring a bell? Anyway…

Check out the rest of the shoot taken for female fashion store, Sam & Kelly. (more…)