Dustin Nguyen‘s anticipated romantic comedy De Mai Tinh (Fool For Love) officially premiered yesterday at Saigon’s Galaxy Nguyen Du cinema. The event attracted many stars such as Johnny Tri Nguyen, Ngo Thanh Van, Takej Minh Huy, Kelly, Thien Minh, Song Yen, A.T, V.Music, Hua Vi Van etc..


Oh no. (more…)

Everyone has their occasional off days and according to Zing’s huge  ZingDance launch party held last Friday (March 12) at the White Palace, the beautiful half Czech rocker was our latest victim:

All fashion fails aside (is that a zebra handbag??), what is up with the mysterious blondie-in-shades escort? Boyfriend? Stylist? Goku? (more…)

One of the many great things about yesterday, March 8th (International Women’s Day),  is that it’s basic tradition for men to give in to anything their lady friends want. Even singers Ngo Kien Huy & Noo Phuoc Thinh couldn’t escape the wrath of the special occasion when they, too, suddenly found themselves as good sported shopping escorts. (more…)

Despite so many glorious pictures recently uploaded by fans and reporters who attended the  100% live concert /fashion show last night (Jan. 14), it was later revealed that due to too many technical malfunctions, a number of audiences would rather leave early. (more…)

Ok, you didn’t really have to guess. It’s none other than Yen Nhi, our naked mole rat’s younger sister. (more…)

la thang

La Thang Band

Ever since Yahoo!360‘s official closing, many of its loyal bloggers have been searching for new shelter and as popular as Facebook is in VietNam (VietNam had the highest number for the most increased Facebook users this summer), plenty others have found themselves settling down in the world of “Zing Me“– a social networking site similar to Facebook but for Vietnamese users– instead. (more…)