The comedian-actor is finally hitched as of yesterday, December 5th!

How precious is this?!


For most girls in Vietnam, the typical high school memories consist of a long slender white Ao Dai. (more…)

A news site recently posted an article citing a Facebook blogger who revealed that well-reputed actress Tang Thanh Ha (Suddenly I Want to Cry, Floating Lives)  attended the first Vietnam International Film Festival wearing a long gown that was an imitation of an Elie Saab design. (more…)

The 5-day long Vietnam International Film Festival (VNIFF), announced in Pusan on October 12, finally wrapped up last night at the National Convention Center in southern Hanoi.


Recently, in the hectic midst of press releases and foreign fan meetings for the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea, the crew representing Vietnamese film feature, Canh Dong Bat Tan/The Endless Field (English name Floating Lives) , had to endlessly answer questions and strike poses for the cameras. Well it seems the ‘answering and posing’s went to good use. (more…)

… while catching some much needed Zzz’s.


Can you guess who owns this red-hot Mercedes Benz SLK 200?



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