We have yet another White Palace event…just barely 2 days since the past. (more…)

with Thanh Thao…


It’s a whole soccer team in the works ya’ll.

Check out Dan Truong and Thanh Thao‘s adorable performance of the classic “Tup Leu Ly Tuong/Our Ideal Hut” (oldies have never sounded so fun) from his “Ngoi Sao Bay/Flying Star” liveshow held on Dec. 4. Pardon the out-of-date news; the DVD was only recently released.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Everything was definitely typical until the two sneakily tip-toed into their “ideal hut” (we can only imagine what’s going on in there) and returned onstage with a very pregnant Thanh Thao (@ 2:35). Fans went wild.

Next thing you know…. there’s like 30 of ’em running around onstage. Lol….

At times like these, being related to an A-listed sister who just happens to have a good number of stars under her management, can really come in handy. Free publicity’s always nice. Check out who the attended grand opening of Thanh Thao’s  younger sister’s yogurt shop, Pink Spoon, from just this morning (last night in VN)

Here is the complete list of winners from Saturday. It was a rather traditional event as May Trang seems to be our  youngest winners of the night, and….well, God knows how long they’ve been around.

Male Balladeer:

Đàm Vĩnh Hưng with the song “Giới hạn nào cho chúng ta/Which Limit is For Us” (composed by Thái Thịnh).

Female Balladeer:

Thanh Thảo with the song “Chúc em ngủ ngon/Goodnight” (Nguyễn Văn Chung).


So if the Canh Dieu Vang (Golden Kite) Awards are VietNam’s answer to the Oscars, I guess we can say that the Mai Vang Awards are somewhat of our Golden Globes. Only…maybe not as fancy schmancy or flashy…schmashy (?).

In short, we’ve summarized the grand red-carpeted event down to 5 memorable categories for your  own convenience. Check it:

1. The ‘Marilyn’ do.


During last Saturday night’s (Jan 23) cozy, luxurious and elegant atmosphere, Hoai Linh as one of the program’s MCs, was astonished when his name was summoned for two big awards: best comedian and best actor.