Last spring, we get the song. This spring, we’ll finally get the video! It only took a year, but hey, “better late than never”. Check out the official trailer to “Chao Mua Moi/Greeting a New Season” by Dai Nhan, featuring Fashion Stars Kelbin & Sam.



…Cause if this was yet another death-related plot (Hoa Mi‘s “Don’t Let Me Cry“, Lam Truong‘s “Yesterday’s Story“, Ho Ngoc Ha‘s “Recalling the Dream“, Anh Quoc‘s “Mua Ky Uc“, Tim Cat Vu‘s “Priceless Gift“, Noo Phuoc Thinh‘s “Forget“, Trieu Hoang‘s “Muong Mang” …you get the depressing picture), someone was ’bout to get shanked by me and my 20-something contributing authors (btw where ya’ll at??! :().

Anyway, enjoy the happy-but-unrealistic-ending minidrama sequel to Dai Nhan‘s “La La Bay Len” featuring 2! Magazine’s 2009 Fashion Star Albee Ngoc Thao. (more…)

Last month, a number of various stars collaborated to greet the autumn season with a very serene song and equally beautiful music video. Now that this wonderful, amazing, and not-scorching-down-on-my-skin season  (ol’nasty-weather-Louisiana) is finally here, the producers of  “Mua Thu Vang” are planning to extend the original idea with a brand new set of singers in another sequel-like MV. (more…)