The second of the bunch is finally here, and let’s just say…compared to his more thought provoking “Giac Mo/Dream”  music video released earlier this year, “Diary 2” is sadly a huge disappointment. Not only did this  video just feature a rehashed track of one of  his older covers, it also featured a more-than-predictable storyline juxtaposed to a more-than-bad actress: Miss YAN (Yeu Am Nhac/Love Music–a music show), Huong Nguyen. I mean forealll, check out that slap in the end where Trieu Hoang didn’t even budge a cheek muscle. Girlll, move aside and let Khong Tu Quynh show you how it’s done.

In the case of running concerts/shows, falsely advertising someone’s famous name has always been the guaranteeing strategy to attract a larger audience. Because these ads falsely promise the appearance of a singer, many people would attend a show in hopes of seeing their idols perform when instead all they get is a bunch of local no namers. This in turn would usually cause a backlash against, not the organizer, but the singers themselves, (who usually doesn’t even have a clue as to wtf is going on) for unreasonably ditching and disappointing fans. (more…)

Although Ngo Kien Huy & Dong Nhi are currently still reigning as Vpop’s cutest duet couple, I would have to say that rocker Trieu Hoang & Miss Teen 08 Huyen Trang are practically up to par with this couple’s chemistry. It’s just that Kien-Nhi’s chemistry is more of the “funny-cute” whereas Hoang-Trang’s chemistry is more of the “romantic-cute.” Either way, I love them all. Check out Hoang-Trang’s “romantic-cute” performance  of their duet “Yeu/Love” on the recent airing of 2!Idol:


trieu hoang

And I mean who doesn’t? o.O (more…)