New Bay Area-based hiphop label, 454 Life entertainment, is on a roll since their debut more than 2 months ago. Following their fresh family joint, “Go Hard”, the company has been teasing of many new interesting projects like “We Get Money” featuring G. Malone & Matt Blaque, “I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong” featuring Bobby Valentino, “We International” featuring Freeway, and especially Vietnamese rapper Thai’s “I’ma be the Best” featuring  Michelle Martinez with MV guest appearance by the infamous Cung Le.


I for one am shocked.

Check out Ung Dai Ve‘s quick interview with famous MC ‘Oc’ Thanh Van followed by the showcase of his first product with new company, 454 Life Entertainment, titled “Vi Em Doi Thay (Change Of Heart )” all during his mini show sometime last week:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So the song’s pretty catchy. And fine. I admit. As long as this J-Lee’s not exerting weird sound effects, his presence isn’t as annoying as it was before. What say ye?

Initially after his “Ice Step”  trailer,  the singer reveals that he is officially signed to US-based 454 Life Entertainment, a globally invested company.  He will also reunite with past fellow band mates of GMC to promote the upcoming album “Step Up”.

Ung Dai Ve will make his live come-back during a free mini-show and CD signing to promote his first single “Ice Step/ Where the Sun Falls” on Feb. 7th, 2010.

Thanh Thao, Ung Hoang Phuc, Thu Thuy , howler J. Lee and veteran group GMC are amongst the famous names  that will attend the singer’s promotional party.

Check out the new pictures of GMC’s studio reunion: (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I know we’re suppose to know everyone and everything that goes on in Vpop (or  at least pretend so) but someone tell me who this J.Lee guy is and what exactly is his significance in Ung Dai Ve‘s “Ice step“. I’ve given the clip a good 10 replays before concluding that I haven’t a clue. Like really.. boy didn’t even much say anything besides…”Let me, let me, let me tell yuh gurr”. With a few howls and head bobs,  his name gets to be plastered on all of the teaser posters as well as the MV’s official release? (more…)

Dropping hint after hint, after hint, the man’s been teasing his own comeback since last summer! But wait no longer. The confirmed DVD single called “Noi Mat Troi Buong Xuong (Ice Step)” has finally settled down with an official release date being  February 2nd–exactly a week away.

Check out the latest teaser below: (more…)

On a recent trip to Europe for a charity music tour organized by the Vietnamese ambassador in Poland, Ung Hoang Phuc and Ung Dai Ve managed to squeeze in a few quick shots of their adventures in the foreign land:

Strange poses with Ho Quynh Huong in Hungary (more…)

Cause apparently, that’s only like the new coolest thing to do now.

ung dai ve ostrich

On a previous episode of YANTV’s  Star 24/7, Ung Dai Ve also shares upcoming plans and activities for his soon-to-be -released album.