The  very popular hit of rapper/song writer LK and R&B singer Justa Tee (JayTee) – “Anh Khong Tin Mot Som Mai Binh Yen/I Don’t Believe in a Better Tomorrow”  was recently covered by the younger of the Song Yen sisters–Yen Nhi. Now called “Em Khong Tin Mot Som Mai Binh Yen”, the song was officially hauled overground through this decent performance (date & location unknown) of the remastered track by singer Yen Nhi.

Yen Nhi


Oh no. (more…)


Never have been a fan of these girls (it’s the questionable styles) but I must admit, they are good performers; live vocals are also top notch for a pair of sisters who just can’t seem to stand still. Check out Song Yen‘s anticipated comeback performance as well as each of their solos from Thursday night (Jan 28). (more…)

Ok, you didn’t really have to guess. It’s none other than Yen Nhi, our naked mole rat’s younger sister. (more…)

First it was Wanbi being rejected by Mi Van, then came Noo being being left by Mina, then Takej was caught crying over Mai Phuong, and now even Thang Binh gets dumped by Anh Dao aka Cherry. They make us women seem so heartless…