Yesterday on the 16th(VN time) at  3 P.M., the Queen of CoversBao Thy attended a press conference premiering her new cover song called “Thiên Thần Trong Truyện Tranh/Angels in the Picture Book” written for a charitable fund. The fund, held at Press Café (Saigon), is specifically aimed towards less fortunate children.

Although I’m all for the idea, on the practical side is the fact that  that would just about be half of the children’s population  in Vietnam. It would take a much bigger reform idea to make just a dent of difference.

On sharing her thoughts on this new idea, Bao Thy stated: “Previously, each year   on my birthday – June 2nd, I’ve always organized a mini liveshow to celebrate with fans. But this year is different; I wanted to  establish some kind of meaningful activity beneficial to society. At the time when I was talking to artist Nguyễn Hà, I told him my ideas and the “Angels in the Picture Book” fund was the product of our conversation.”

The song can be bought  via cellphones. All profits will go directly to the fund at the school Gia Định in time for its anniversary. Even other children can help out by donating toys & presents.

The cover song is originally called “The Show” by Lenka, with rewritten lyrics brought to you by the cooperation of Bảo Thy & Tú Trung aka Koolcheng. The lyrics were said to only take about 30 minutes to write.

Bao Thy reveals that the rights to the song was bought and will be included on her next mini album, produced by Phương Nam Phim, with a total of 4 songs.

What are the chances of all 4 of those songs being cover songs? But hey, the girl has good taste in music, thats for sure.

You can Listen to Bao Thy’s Angels in the Picture Book here.