We’ve compiled a list of terms you might often see on our blog as well as any other Vietnamese based websites.

1-0-2 = mot khong hai = 1 without a second = when something is so unique/strange, you will not be able to find a duplicate.

8x vs. 9x = one of the newest social battles amongst generations; 8x = someone born in the 80’s, 9x = someone born in the 90’s.

Anh = used when referring to an older male

Ao Dai = Long Dress = The traditional Vietnamese attire

BTS = Behind the Scenes

Cai Luong = traditional VietNamese musical dramas where people randomly break out into songs

Chan Dai = Long Legs = a metonym for models

Chi = used when referring to an older female

Dai Gia = an old rich bachelor who gets all the attractive younger girls.

Dung Hang = directly translates into Touching Products = usually used when 2+ people are caught wearing the same outfit but is not limited to just clothing.

Ekip = A production team with “equipments” to film/record.

Em = most often used when referring to a younger person (usually female). E.g. When talking to a little sibling (male or female), we call them  ‘Em.’ When a husband talks to a wife, he would normally say ‘Em’. When you’re just being polite to a hot guy (even though he is younger), you’d refer to yourself as ‘Em’.

FC = Fanclub

GDTY = Giai Dieu Tinh Yeu = Melody of Love = a music show on channel THVL & HTV

HCMC = Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon

Hit = when referring to a song; usually a song gets so many plays on Zing until its officially declared a hit but it can also just be extremely popular on other music forums to be called one.

Hoa Hau = any contestant/winner that was/is in any kind of prestigious “Miss” pageants.

Hotboy/Hotgirl = So the term might be a little lame, but this is the official word in VietNam for anyone who’s a hot topic…and sets trends; equivalent to the English terms “It” girls and “It” boys.

Kenh = Channel

Kiem Hiep = a movie genre associated to martial arts.

QC = Quang Cao = Commercial/Ad

LHP = Lien Hoan Phim = Film Festival

May & Tao = informal terms for You & Me; may = you, tao = me

NSTT = Ngoi Sao Thoi Trang = Fashion Star = a popular teen pageant sponsored by 2! Magazine & other print medias.

NSƯT = Nghệ sĩ ưu tú = Outstanding singer/artist/performer/… who has served the public for a long time. This is a title granted by a department in the VietNamese government. (kudos to Minh)

Pe (when used in front of names) = colloqiual for “Be” = a nickname prefix meaning “little”. For example, Pe Sam is actually spelt Be Sam which really means Little Sam. Internet slang often replaces ‘P’ with ‘B’.

Phim = Film/Movie

PR = Public Relations = Promotional activities

PV = Phong Van = Interview

Teen = It’s not just an age or a simple adjective. In VietNam, it has become a culture. So when someone’s a teen singer but they’re really like…..a bajillion years old, don’t get smart alecy :). It simply means they target the youth market. Same with movies, models, websites, etc, etc.

Tet = VietNamese lunar New Year = Biggest holiday of the Year.

TGVP = The Gioi Vpop = The World of Vpop = a bimonthly music show/production by companies WePro & Sea Collection

T.p. = Thanh Pho = City

TVC = T.V. Commercial

Vong 1, 2, & 3 = Girth 1, 2, & 3 = measurements of chest, waist, & hips, respectively.

Xi-Ta = the product of making someone with a very strong VietNamese accent say the word “Star”

Xi Tai = also Vietgrish for Style

Xi-Tin = of/relating to the teen/tween/youth market

Yahoo!360 = popular blogging host; the VietNamese equivalent to Myspace, but because it’s shutting down, we shouldnt be referring to it as much ..sad.

YAN = Yeu Am Nhac = Love Music = a TV show

VL = Ok, so out of all the slang terms, this one has got to be the most interesting one. Acronyms are usually short for something…yet,  about 95% of the people that use the term don’t even know what it stands for. Go ahead. Try asking. The phrase (which apparently is shortened to lessen the strength of its derogatory meaning, which we won’t be mentioning) derived from the North and is now apparently EVERYWHERE. Nowadays, people just throw it around to describe something extremely ridiculous and funny.

We are also open to any more suggestions, corrections, or questions, so feel free to ask/comment and we shall update the list.


17 Responses to “Glossary”

  1. Minh Says:

    NSƯT = Nhac si something something = Song writer
    This one is wrong. NSƯT = Nghệ sĩ ưu tú ~ Outstanding singer/artist/performer/… who have served the public for a long time. This is a title granted by a department in the VNese government.

  2. 1 Says:

    NSƯT = Nhac Si u Tu= Excellent Song Writer
    I think it is ^_^

  3. fib Says:


  4. ph@n Says:

    hahaha xi-ta, that’s a funni enrish-like one

  5. Kily Says:

    What are he name of this serie with Chi Thien please ?

  6. Kily Says:

    i want to see this serie so much ^^

  7. jaz Says:

    ^ giai cuu than chet

  8. Kily Says:

    Wow, thank you so much Jaz ^^

  9. haha, that is so funny. Kudos to you guys !

  10. akon Says:

    lol my friend (he’s viet too) is one of those who doesn’t know what VL stands for…i asked him if he wanted to know but he just said “knowing vietnamese slang, it probably has something to do with p—-. hahahahah” so i guess that solves that. 😛

  11. N Says:

    ok, VL– this slang is so bad but damn funny too. The “L” obviously stands for fanny and the whole term written in full as “va~i l–” which could be relevant to “ass off” as in LMAO (or literately: “bounty fanny”)
    For example, cha’n VL = extremely bored or bored my ass off.
    Understand? 😉

  12. yan Says:

    so what does VL stands for? Now im really curious.

  13. Huy J Says:

    @yan: Find a Vietnamese and ask the person:).

  14. Truong Says:

    Everyone knows what it means but no one dare explain.

  15. net Says:

    hehe thanks. just picked up vietnamese again and omg, so much internet slang, it’s hard to understand anythingg.

  16. emyeuVpop Says:

    VL = vui lắm = very fun or vô lý = absurd. haha jk I don’t know what it stands for. >.<

  17. Vinh Says:

    VL = Vai Lon…lol

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