tinna tinh

And I’d totally see why. The woman’s HOT.

Tinna Tinh, who is a half Czech (mother) half VietNamese (father) alternative rocker, have recently been labeled as chảnh (one who puts on airs) for having turned down many movie scripts in the past. In a recent interview with Thanh Nien, she reveals that this is only because she is required to strip down for unnecessary scenes that add nothing to the plot. In the same interview, Tinna also reveals that her ideal boyfriend is someone with a beautiful soul and is kind & generous. She especially likes mature, funny, hearty, and knowledgeable men. “Status/wealth is not a  factor. If he is hearty and knowledgeable, he will surely be successful, rather than those who are rich but is coarsely cultured, who don’t know how to respect their significant others.” So, yes, to all you interested & curious Georges, Tinna is very much so single.

tinna tinh

Tinna Tinh, whose real name is Tinna Dihova, made her debut on Van Son 36 in Taiwan singing “Tra Lai Cho Toi,” a song she wrote during a night when remembering a 13/14 year old victim of agent orange without any arms and legs looking out from a dark room. Her album “Chiec Guong” (Mirror) was released in March 2006 featuring Vietnamese songs written by herself including “Chiec Guong.”

At the age of 14, she had already won first place for her rendition of Emilia’s “Big Big World” in a radio competition. When her parents divorced a year later, Tinna was on her own juggling three jobs while studying in an art school. By this time, she had already composed three songs. Not only is she a singer, but she is also a songwriter. She writes what she feels and sings it the way she wants. Tinna sings a lot of the songs she writes, so the question of whether anyone will know her for her own songs have been raised. However for Tinna, the songs she writes mean a lot to her and a song she said should be composed of the means of life and truthfulness.

In 2000, at 17 Tinna decided to go to Ha Noi, Vietnam in search of her father’s native place. Ha Noi was a big struggle as Tinna lived on small income from singing at a local cafe while learning Vietnamese. Besides having to deal with living in a strange place, and looked down upon as singer, Tinna was also looking to find herself on this journey. Life in the capital city was so tough that she even didn’t have enough money for a bowl of noodles from the vendor on the street. And when she was able to afford one, she would finsh it to the last sip of broth as if it was the greatest food in the world. After living in Vietnam for some time, Tinna had to return to the Czech Republic in 2002 because she was running out of money. Tinna continued working in Czech to save up some money to return to Vietnam. In Ha Noi Tinna continued to work as a singer and after so long, was introduced to sing at a bigger bar. In 2003 Tinna was discovered and starred in the movie, “Trò Đùa Của Thiên Lôi/Thunder’s Joke” that led her to win the title of the most promising young actress award. However, Ha Noi did not provide much career opportunity and so a friend told her about Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

She then went to Saigon to pursue her career and in deed Saigon was a better field for showbiz. Despite the earlier hardships, Tinna continued on with better luck. In Saigon, Tinna took vocal, mixing, and guitar lessons. Part of her struggle is to become an artist and creating herself an identity. Yet one of the main motivation comes from her mother to whom she promised not to come back if she was not successful and was able to help out her mom. In the end Tinna was succesfully carried out that promise and more. “When we do not know how to live life, we find it weary and troublesome. But when we do, life becomes simple, cheerful and beautiful.”

Source: VietAccent & Thanh Nien