As nature takes its course, most young singers in the industry, today, will strip away from their cutesy image once they’re all good and ready, while gradually veering towards the road of  ‘sex-sells’ (Trish Thuy Trang does not count). In the case of Yen Trang, we’re thinking she got a little lost. And if you’ve been following us for long enough, you’d know why.

So anyway, remember when Yen Trang actually looked like this?

yen trang

And this?


And this…

yen trang

And eventually this?

yen trang 2

Yea, well sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems like we won’t be seeing any of that any time soon. Or at least,  definitely not in her upcoming solo music DVD.

In other words we will most likely be witnessing the resurrection of that terrifying naked-mole-rat-and-a-silver-jacket-look— in mass production! Meaning… the rest of the nation without internet access before, will now all get a chance to share this horrifying sight with us. Must’ve been no joke when girl said she ‘didn’t want to change her mind.’

Despite that, I’m actually kinda digging this recent performance on (I think) Yeah1‘s Hot Music show: