She now says “Gold”.

Bonjour VietNam” by the Vietnamese-Belgian singer, Pham Quynh Anh, first appeared online in 2008 and had since then captured  the hearts of Vietnamese audiences worldwide with its meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody. Though the “1-hit to stardom” singer has only heard stories about Vietnam through her parents and..”films by Coppola”, such tragedies have apparently left a strong impact on her. And despite so many unpleasant stories of “bombs and bullets”, just like the lyrics she sang “One day I’ll come to you…To say hello… Vietnam”…Quynh would love to visit the motherland. Well, no need to wish for something so simple. A voice like hers no doubt means potential and, of course, big money; buying a plane ticket should hardly be a problem.

Surprisingly, in November 2008, Pham Quynh Anh did indeed visit Vietnam to share her “Xin Chao Vietnam” with the actual natives. The performance not only touched Vietnamese audiences attending but also the thousand others  who  tuned in from overseas…including me! If you haven’t listened to her song yet, you are missing out.

After her visit in 2008, Quynh practically disappeared until earlier this month where she was spotted in Vietnam once again. Unlike her first awkward visit, this time she feels more confident while showcasing her new image (she chopped off her beautiful hair!) and brand new song. “I say Gold” made its debut on Paris by Night #98 and later to VietNamese audiences in the motherland in time for New Year’s.

At the 21st annual "Duyên dáng Việt Nam/Charming VN" New Year music festival held Dec. 31st at the Hoa Binh (HCMCH) stadium.



In one of her interviews, Quynh also mentioned that she loves Vietnamese food especially Pho (beef noodles) and Bun Bo Hue (Hue style beef rice vermicelli) as well as the traditional attire Ao Dai. Her interests are related to her new song; it reveals that she is actually quite in touch with her roots despite being born and raised in Belgium.

So to all of our fellow Vietnamese/Asian people, you are not yellow.. but GOLD. Just quote Pham Quynh Anh.

And a tip to all Vietnamese men, you are in luck! Pham Quynh Anh is currently single and whether it be out of sincerity or just politeness, she did afterall mention that she thinks Vietnamese men are very handsome and idol like…..?

PQA & Quang Dung

with Thanh Bạch

with Nathan Lee