Marked for a March 2011 release, Thanh Bui‘s first official Vietnamese album was further teased to Vietnamese audiences via this English performance of the title track on VN Idol, last Saturday:

As the wait for the Vietnamese version of his album’s first single continues, below are some photos from Bui’s mentoring sessions with VN Idol’s Top 7 finalists. He was summoned to help contestants with their pronunciation  for the International Hits round (which  all ended up being English, how convenient) and to also share his experiences from his Australian Idol days. (more…)


Just as the title, itself, is self-explanatory, here is a quick recap of the “hotboys” from the last decade according to Zing. Note that the only objections I have to the mentioned below is Xuan Bac’s unfunny-self being labeled a”star”.  Thanh Loc would’ve been a better example in this case.

First off:

Le Tuan Anh


Right after his “Mot Ngay De Yeu Thuong/One Day to Love” liveshow wrapped up in Quy Nhon, online magazine Phụ Nữ TP.HCM announced on May 18th that the crooner plans to sue popular Fashion magazine DEP for slander (sorry we meant libel).  (more…)

We have yet another White Palace event…just barely 2 days since the past. (more…)

With a total of 237.000 ballots in 9 unique categories divided into 3 major fields (TV dramas, Theatrics, and Music), 45 nominees were narrowed down to just the following winning names:

The media is recently abuzz with rumors of a separation between this  happily married couple Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham. Some newspapers did not give a conclusion about the relationship, but only dig into the “he/she went to this/that event alone”.  Other websites emphasized on the question: “Are they going separate ways?” It all, in some way or another, hints that there must finally be something wrong with their “perfectly flawless relationship”. Nonetheless, there has been no official response from these two. (more…)

She now says “Gold”. (more…)