So  um… isn’t it like against some kind of a beauty queen rule or whatever to pose nude? We’re rather un-informed on the do’s and don’ts of former Misses, but apparently, some are angered by Alex‘s choice to appear topless in the following exotic photoshoot from January’s issue of Yellow mag.

But of course, her privates are very conveniently covered. Sorry guys.

I know…you’re either thinking, “Hot dawg, is that really her??” or “Damn, that’s some epic photoshopping!”. Me? It was both. But hey.. no denying, woman looks gorgeous! Just not very “yellow” if that’s what they were aiming for…o.O

Anyway, in the corresponding interview, our Miss VietNam Global 09 was supposedly going on about quote unquote losing a love. We have not read the article nor do we have any clue as to what it’s about but the coverage seems to have annoyed a few netizens. A certain comment even said

that is all lies! She was with Keith Tran for years until she became Miss Vietnamese Global and dumped him for someone richer! I even know who the guy is.

his name is johnny nguyen. he claims to be a lawyer, but does not even have the degrees to be a paralegal! there was a lawsuit against him from two sisters in orlando since he tricked them out of 300,000 dollars! anywhere there is girls, he will be there showing off the money he does not have. the new miss vietnam florida 2010 cheated on her boyfriend with this guy and also follows under his rules and follows him everywhere. How low would these girls go just to get famous?

Hat Tip: Moo moo