chan than san

Good. With all those gay rumours floating around on the internet, even I (who could care less) was beginning to speculate his true colors. And speaking of his gay rumours, it looks like they’ve been resurfacing the net yet again. This time, though, San was accused of only publicizing his recent girlfriend news as a “front”. To this, he replied that it doesn’t matter what people claim, it’s what he and she know that’s important (and what’s this? I want to know too 😦 ).

In addition she’s older than him by one year and they’ve been dating for 2 months now. Unlike San who was a hotboy turned model turned domestic airflight attendant (lol), she’s only an entrepreneur and is in no way related to the limelight. Oh, and about the whole flight attendant deal, aaaaaaaaahaha, apparently boy was very airsick when just starting the job. San also reveals that because there were many xi-tin passengers, he was often approached and asked if he really was Trần Thanh Sơn— which by the way, is his real name. So now that we finally know the real spelling to his name, I’ll definitely be missing all those times sitting in front of my laptop deciding on which alternative spelling of his name to use for each post. It was fun while it lasted.

So you all must still be wondering why the fuck is this boy famous again? Lol. Well, for all the same reasons that Thuy Top is famous……………….which is basically because of their so called “hotteens” status in our Vietnamese online community. In short, they’re just famous for being famous. Sounds like a Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie to me…minus the sextape. Hoang Thuy Linh already has that covered.