Betcha can’t say that 5 times fast.

ho ngoc ha, thuy tien, hien thuc

On June 22nd, in Lan Anh, HCM city, a music event was held featuring many of Vpop’s biggest stars. As if the stage wasn’t already flaming hot enough with performances by stars like Hồ Ngọc Hà, Hiền Thục, and Thủy Tiên, what they were wearing seems to be the real show burner.

Let’s take a look:

ho ngoc ha

Although Ho Ngoc Ha have always been a sexy but classy dresser, this red feathery piece was just too pushing  on the seam’s limit. If the dress had been a centimeter shorter, I’m sure we would all be seeing more than just a black shadow (see first picture) inbetween her legs. That was almost too awkward to type. But….

thuy tien

…Ho Ngoc Ha’s outfit had competition. Thuy Tien‘s shorts were just as….well, short. Did she get dressed in the dark and accidentally went through her underwear drawer or something?

hien thuc

On the other hand, Hien Thuc‘s shorts are a more acceptable length for a summer show. One would’ve never guessed that she’s a proud parent.

phi thanh van

And here, we have Miss plastic-not-really-fantastic —Phi Thanh Van. Who knew she could sing? Then again, I guess you don’t really have to know how to sing to become a singer nowadays.

luu huong giang

D-lister Luu Huong Giang. I’m not even sure who this is, but either her hat is too small, or her head is a little on the above average size. In this case, I’d say both.

Dong Nhi

Dong Nhi have yet to disappoint with her choice of dresses. This simple white dress successfully portrays a very youthful xi-tin singer.

phuong linh

Phuong Linh also did not go for “sexy” & instead, takes us back to spring with this cute but elegant dress.

mai phuong thuy

And last but not least, the special guest appearance of Mai Phuong Thuy wearing the ever popular Ao Dai–traditional wear has never looked so good (to me). It seems like the night’s most “covered up person” award also went to our stunning Miss VietNam 2006 . Good Job.

Of course male stars like Pham Anh Khoa, La Thang/A#, & Cao Thai Son were also there.