Amongst Vietnamese celeb couples, I’m sure we’ve all had just about enough of Cong Vinh- Thuy Tien love dishes. I mean, it’s lovely how they are so much in love and plastering the public media with praises for each other but after an exessive amount of it, we’re all near overload. My point is, though their love is real and sincere, telling the entire nation too much of it just makes everything sound superficial. They don’t just say it, they make sure we see it as well: (more…)

…by ex-girlfriend, Thuy Tien.

In a tell-all interview, Ung Hoang Phuc had some harsh words for former ex, Thuy Tien, and also confirmed/denied rumors surrounding his current love life . (more…)

We don’t mind. But what is up the florescent lighting concealing his manly areas (abs guys, we’re talking about abs).  Where did those nice defined muscle lines from so many years of playing soccer go? o.O

In other news, 2! Dep Magazine will be doing a special New Year’s interview coverage of the hot striker and his main squeeze, Thuy Tien, for their next edition. In revealing the few teaser photos as a sneakpeek, 2! also emphasized that “Cong Vinh & Thuy Tien” is one of the most searched key phrases on search engines last year (2009)….Nothing we haven’t already guessed.

In an end-of-the-year poll conducted by the online source NgoiSao, nearly 22 thousand netizens have cast their vote and (as if everyone didn’t already predict it) on-screen couple Ngo Thanh Van and Johnny Tri Nguyen raked in a whopping 10,423  votes, that’s 47.5% out of the other 5 choices. Although never confirming their off-screen relationship, that evidently was enough to keep everyone’s interests. Our eyes were PEELED. We WANTED to know. We GOOGLED our fingers off….and got nothing.

Following the so-labeled “VietNamese Brangelina” couple, in 2nd is the so-labeled “Vietnamese Vic-Beck” couple– singer Thuy Tien & striker Cong Vinh with 7,720 votes (35.2 %).

As for actress Vu Thu Phuong and singer Tuan Hung who took 12.9% of the votes, all we really heard of this ex-couple (they used to date back in 2008) lately is this one steamy but staged kiss for the “DeAndre Night” fashion show.

Now that’s love. o.O (more…)