It’s that time of the year again!


As if these 2 weren’t already all over print media (and let’s not forget the internet) to begin with, let’s grow even more accustomed to seeing them everywhere on cover pages–starting with famous teen magazine 2! Sinh Vien’s 186 edition, to officially hit stands Tuesday (12/7) morning. (more…)

Again. But now, with the hilarity meter above and beyond ‘ROFL’ (despite one teary moment).


Within a matter of days after the first-ever Zing Music Awards launch, Dong Nhi is currently topping the polls for Favorite Female Artist with 51,861 votes, while Noo Phuoc Thinh is stealing the lead for Favorite Male Artist.

“Darn right, we’re giddy.”


It’s been a while since I’ve wholeheartedly laughed while watching 2!dol (pronounced Hi Idol) but alas, the show has finally succeeded. There were too many quirky moments in this episode to pass up–could this be the doing of a new writer? Whatever it is, keep it up: (more…)

And we have the hottest hits of the second week of November!


Word. Plenty of singles in record, and now we get an official-official one. Ok Miss I-do-everything-backwards. Your topsy-turvy, non-conformity ways may have me vigorously scratching my head (I showered, I swear), but I love you regardless (no homo). (more…)


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