The song, personally composed as a present to her beloved soccer-studCong  Vinh–who is currently workin’ the field in Portugal as a Leixoes player, was recently accused of plagiarism. (more…)



Is that 7 kg of muscle or fat?? Just curious…


minh hang luong manh hai noi nha hanh phuc (12)


….Saigon’s 5 star Sheraton Hotel to be exact. But of course this was only for a scene in “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc” — definitely nothing scandalous going on here. 🙂

The 26 episode long drama is predicted to air near the end of this year.

I guess the VietNamese Full House won’t be such a bore afterall. Despite what you guys might think, and I know many of you will have your share of negativities for the following twists, I am actually quite glad the production isn’t planning on closely tailgating Full House‘s extensively drawn out romance. I am even moreso glad that there will be some classic VietNamese aspects to the drama like………..well, it’s just not “VietNamese” without some witty humor, a few puns, ratchety clothing here and there (see the bathing suits below), something supernatural, and at least one fiesty girl on girl catfight, right 😉 ?

of course Kieu Nhi (Tuong Vy) & Bao Yen (Thuy Tien) will take it to the pool (NNHP's official battleground)
Of course Kieu Nhi (Tuong Vy) & Bao Yen (Thuy Tien) will be the ones to take it to the pool (NNHP’s official battleground) this time


And thus, proudly presented us with these behind-the-scenes photos from the set of “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc” as the product of that boredom:

090716CINEminhhang1-5 (more…)

Much like you guys, we don’t quite grasp the overall purpose of this random hospital-like “Full House” plaque in front of the house either, but hey, let’s look on the bright side–one fail doesn’t total to a complete fail. Ok maybe it was two fails…since Luong Manh Hai casted into the role of a hot celebrity was, afterall, NOT a win. But like I said…bright side, bright side, bright side!

09070708cineA0209070708cineA11 (more…)