Just as the title, itself, is self-explanatory, here is a quick recap of the “hotboys” from the last decade according to Zing. Note that the only objections I have to the mentioned below is Xuan Bac’s unfunny-self being labeled a”star”.  Thanh Loc would’ve been a better example in this case.

First off:

Le Tuan Anh



Aside from campaign ambassador Chi Thien and fellow company member Bang Di, spotted amongst the crowd of thousands who switched off their lights to go kindle a flame at the City’s square instead, were singer Lam Truong and beauty queen Huong Giang. (more…)

Are you too distracted by the polka dotted footwear to care?

No worries.. her cute attempt at Vietnamese in Ngo Kien Huy‘s top single “Gia Vo Yeu/Pretense Love” will make up for it. (more…)

Initially after his “Ice Step”  trailer,  the singer reveals that he is officially signed to US-based 454 Life Entertainment, a globally invested company.  He will also reunite with past fellow band mates of GMC to promote the upcoming album “Step Up”.

Ung Dai Ve will make his live come-back during a free mini-show and CD signing to promote his first single “Ice Step/ Where the Sun Falls” on Feb. 7th, 2010.

Thanh Thao, Ung Hoang Phuc, Thu Thuy , howler J. Lee and veteran group GMC are amongst the famous names  that will attend the singer’s promotional party.

Check out the new pictures of GMC’s studio reunion: (more…)


The private wedding, which took place on Sunday Jan 24, wrapped up with a semi-grand reception at the Park Hyatt (HCMC) banquet room the next day. The unfamiliar bride named Ngoc Anh (1984), an overseas VietNamese currently living in Dalat and working for an event organizing company, is reported to have known Duc Tri for 3 years now.

Because the whole event was never publicly announced, fans were stoked to see Duc Tri don a royal blue Ao Dai complete with a Khan Dong (the crown-like headgear made from silk brocade) when pictures surfaced the internet.

Suboi, Ngoc Anh, Duc Tri


One could be considered “Vpop’s first ever male superstar” while the other was recently titled “Favorite Actress of the Year”. Besides being very successful in both of their respective fields, what could these 2 possibly have in common, right? (more…)