Ever wondered what Miss World Vietnam 2008 Duong Truong Thien Ly looked like before her beauty queen/celebrity days? Here are some exclusive class photos from Lương Định Của Elementary School (District 3 HCMC) scanned from one of my friends’ Sổ Lưu Niệm (the VietNamese equivalent to a  yearbook). (more…)

So if the Canh Dieu Vang (Golden Kite) Awards are VietNam’s answer to the Oscars, I guess we can say that the Mai Vang Awards are somewhat of our Golden Globes. Only…maybe not as fancy schmancy or flashy…schmashy (?).

In short, we’ve summarized the grand red-carpeted event down to 5 memorable categories for your  own convenience. Check it:

1. The ‘Marilyn’ do.


Although casting has been long over with and the producers of Tran Thu Do have already revealed the role of Queen Tran Thi Dung will be taken up by La Thanh Tuyen, fans nationwide are still persistent that Ngo Phuong Lan should have gotten this honor. (more…)

As the manager of VietNam’s representative for Miss Universe– Hoang Yen, Thien Ly was spotted this morning (night time in VN) very natural faced,  at the Tân Sơn Nhất airport in HCMC getting ready to go cheer Yen on in the Bahamas:

The preliminaries had just taken place a few days ago but the full live telecast won’t be until Sunday, Aug. 23–9 pm EST, held in the Imperial Ballroom Atlantis.

tran thu do hua vi van (3)

….and it would’ve looked even better if Thien Ly didn’t decide to get all easily offended all of a sudden thus dropping out. (more…)

But here I am posting about it again ;).. So for those that are actually interested, here is a whole August sports brief.

1. Thien Ly chosen as ambassador for 3rd Asian Indoor Games

duong truong thien ly (more…)

thien lytang thanh ha

That seems to be the million dollar question lately. (more…)