and dies..


… His album titled #,” not his cell. Sorry ladies.


First it was the infamous Dong Nhi and Ngo Kien Huy pairing, now we have Dau Tay & Wanbi? Nokia sure knows who to target: teeny fans (usually penniless) who could only end up nagging their parents into their favor. Smart.

Check out the few new pictures for Nokia Ovi’s campaign.

Yes, they’re cutie patooties. But what does the phone even look like?

Guess who else will be tying the knot?


There might be plenty of strange fans that exist today but an interesting few in particular have caught the public’s eye as well as ours. Here are our Top 5 fanatical nominees:  (more…)

Regarding stars that were actually able to take some time off from celebrating Tet to also enjoy a little bit of V-day, here are some lovey-dovey Valentine pics from Feb. 14th.

Yen Trang and Viet Cuong did a little sight-seeing:


Dong Nhi & Song Yen‘s stage comebacks during last Thursday’s H2Teen Gala in Lan Anh might’ve accounted for most of the audiences’ excitement, but to be fair, that wasn’t the whole show. Thien Minh and Wanbi also had their share of the spotlight with their own new single debuts. (more…)