Former colleagues, fellow runner-ups for the 2009 Vietnam Supermodel Contest, and once rumored couple Huynh Thanh Tuyen & Vinh Thuy are face to face again since the last time we  heard from them.

The good-bodied pair was even fortunate enough to get to reunite in such a scenic setting as this:



April 23rd  marked the successful opening night for photo exhibition “Cau Chuyen Cua Toi – My Better Truth” at the White Palace Convention Center. Stills of various artists and singers captured in their everyday life were put on display and some were auctioned off as a fund raising effort for children born with cardiac illnesses. The mastermind behind this charity event is none other than Ngo Thanh Van, who tirelessly called on her colleagues in the entertainment industry to participate in the photo collection. (more…)

Vietnam’s own version of the UK-originated TV series, Dancing with the Stars, in which celebrities and professional dancers are paired up and pitted against each other in dancing competitions, has officially hit local airwaves this month. (more…)

Since her sudden & uncalled-for marriage to Nguyen Quang Minh, president of Cat Tien Sa media (also sponsor of the monthly Viet Song Awards), it seems that the (former) rising model completely withdrew from the spotlight. No longer strutting her stuff down the runway (or probably even working for that matter), most people assume that the girl must now be living the high life with 70785 osins (house workers) at her service. (more…)


Although almost none of her friends in the modeling field showed up, plenty of singers/entertainers from the groom’s side of the circle did (but it wasn’t until later that the new batch of pictures were released). (more…)

I mean really, someone had to look good for this wedding and it sure wasn’t going to be the groom. (more…)

As we’ve all been previously informed, the beautiful miss Huynh Thanh Tuyen will unexpectedly get to don the white dress in about 2 weeks. Although many are interested in knowing who’s on the guest list, most, of course, are more interested in who this mysterious groom will be. Disturbingly enough, it’s this old fart to the left, below:

huynh thanh tuyen husband
Beauty & the beast dai gia–Nguyễn Quang Minh

I think I just lost every bit of respect I had for this girl. I mean, if it really was “love” then may my sincerest blessings go to her and the lucky bastard. But chances are slim when 1. the man’s 49 (more than twice her age; Tuyen is 22), 2. he’s the president of Cát Tiên Sa Company, a key player in most of anything media-related in VietNam, and 3. just look at that receding hairline! Apparently, Tuyen was also recently invited to represent VietNam in  this year’s Miss Earth pageant,  but turned down the grand offer because of her wedding. Well, that’s one way to kill a career.