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Since the show, itself, is a total snoozefest, the featured young cast of Nhung Thien Than Ao Trang HAD to do something to entertain themselves in between filming sessions. And what better way than to be the natural hyperactive teens that they are.

I mean … really? This beats Nhung Thien Than Ao Trang any day.

And in the process, we learn to never pick on our local Pho busboys.

If you haven’t already noticed, yes, singer Vee Phuong & the lipsyncing DON is also in it. How is this DON dude everywhere?

What irks me even more, though, is the fact that a real music  company, namely Tinh Productions, actually took part in the distribution of this clip which I still can’t imagine it being anything more than just a funny little online video. Someone must be all out of ideas.

…the last thing you’d probably expect them to do is crank out a totally random lipsyncing performance of Chi Thien‘s chart topper “Mot Lan Thoi”. But in DON & Chan Than San‘s case, that’s exactly what they did.

I pride myself on my ability to laugh at nearly everything and anything….. but this just wasn’t funny. It was a pretty legit fail, actually.

Lately, 2!Idol is seemingly in desperate need of a new script-writer/program planner/whatever you call those people that comes up with these little halftime ideas.

Popular internet comedian from  “Teen Vong Co” parody fame was recently featured on a quick segment of the the celebrity talk/gameshow – 2!Idol. Tis the Spring season, DON entertained audiences with a lipsync-ing performance of famous comedian Hoai Linh‘s already funny song,Ngay Xuan Vui Cuoi/A Happy Spring Marriage” in his “Ong Do” styled specs and ao-dai. Check it:

When the song “Da Nau/Tan Skin” was first publicly released on the TV talk show “Suc Song Moi” (and probably also the last time), viewers were left stunned. (more…)

….Jussssst kidding. Hahahahaa… (although we can’t say that’s not entirely a lie either 🙂 )

How about… “A father is a fellow who has replaced the currency in his wallet with the snapshots of his kids.” That’s more like it.. :). Have a good Father’s Day ya’ll.

Here’s a funny little skit for everyone:

Why is it so hard to find father-related pictures?

The comedian couple, Kieu Oanh and Le Huynh, returns to the Vietnamese stage with the comedic play “Than Tuong – Tuong Than/Idol – Mannequin.”  The play was written and directed by director Hoàng Duẫn to an almost sold out show.  The play portrays the life behind the scene as an entertainer, the good, the bad, and everything else in between.  (more…)

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